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Venture Gulf Group has crystallized as one of the apex multidisciplinary firms in Qatar in today’s vibrant and forceful market circumstances. Created several years ago, Venture Gulf Group currently encompasses a wide array of activities in various strategic and continuously evolving domains such as the oil and gas, hydro carbon, power and water engineering, construction and contracting, telecommunications, safety and security, it, services, car rental services, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy , metal recycling and international trading, meeting all the conditions not only in Qatar but also in neighboring GCC countries.

The titanic activities performed by the VGG were not to be successful without the constant support offered by the Management to the entire team of VGG professionals and workforce, inspiring them to accomplish the finest performance, taking into account customer care and uncompromised quality.

As all industries within Qatar continue to grow, Venture Gulf Group is committed to better potential and competence in equipments, manufacturing, servicing in relevant fields. The company’s target is to provide the best quality of products and services. Therefore, it is introducing original technology and products in line for the operating companies in Qatar and the Middle East.


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