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The Power and Water Division, part of Venture Gulf Group, since its inception, has grown over the years to be on the Core Competency Unit. A major player to a wide spectrum of Clientele in Qatar, the Division is a key player of Products and Systems in association with global strategic partners of repute.

In the area of power, the division is involved in complete range of supply contracts for the generation, transmission and distribution system as also for the utility industries. The division’s capability includes undertaking turnkey contracts from concept to commissioning. Past reference includes product and systems related to EHV/HV/LV and Control Systems for a period exceeding 30 years. Transformers, Switchgears, OH Transmission Systems are some of the items that are periodically handled by this Division.
The water business section of the division, handles both clean water systems and waste water system. Water Treatment Chemicals, De Min Plants, RO Systems and Turnkey Desalination Units are some of the key areas specialized by the water Wing of the Division. Hence, the Division constantly updates its capability by identifying partners having proven frontier technologies so the benefit of best product with proven Quality is made available to discerning customers.
The Power and Water Division specializes in supplying Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Equipment and System as well as Control Equipment and Components. The products covered include LV/HV/EHV Cables, Transformers, Switchgears; In addition, the division undertakes turn key projects to strategic business alliances with international contractors for overhead transmission line systems, indoor and outdoor substations including gas insulator switch gears, underground cabling networks, DCS and SCADA Systems and related products in the Power sector.
In the area of water system, the scope of supply includes water treatment plants, waste water system, reverse osmosis system, desalination units as well as chemicals for water and process industries. The division also brings in technology for environmental studies, control and abatement for treatment of air, water and solid wastes. The group has association with internationally reputed companies and offers consultancy services in EIA Base Studies and Sewage and Industrial Waste Water Treatment on BOT basis.
Power Division Products
· Overhead Conductors
The range of Overhead Conductors includes various types, sizes and standards. These cover stranded Aluminum Conductor Coated Steel Reinforced (ACSR), stranded Aluminum Alloy Conductors (AAC) and Bundled Arial Conductors. The application covers medium voltage, high voltage and extra high voltage transmission lines. The product specification meets major International Standards such as ASTM, CSA, BS, NFC, DIN, JIS and SAA.
· Insulators
Post Type, Ball and Socket Type and Aero foil Design insulators of Glass and Porcelain materials are available. These insulators meet relevant IEC/BS Standards for voltage class covering 415V, 11kV, 66kV, 132kV and 220kV applications.
· Switchgears
· DOL Starters and Star-Delta Starters
· Motor Control Centers
· Free Standing Distribution Cubicles
· Instrumentation and Control System Panels
· Heating and Ventilation Panels
· PLC and Relay Logic Integrated Systems
· Feeder Pillars
· Control Desks/Kiosks
· Automatic Change Over panels for DG sets
· Street lighting Feeder Pillars
· Substation Products
The Division offers a comprehensive range of Substation Equipment. These include:
  • Circuit Breakers from 11 kV to 220 kV
  • Disconnections of pantograph and vertical type for 11 kV to 220kV networks
  • GIS Substations up to 220 kV
  • Power Transformers up to 400 kV
The scope of work includes design, engineering, supply, installation and commissioning of total system for substations.
· Cables
A comprehensive range of Cables for different applications are available:
· Power Cables
· 415V/11kV/33kV/66kV/132kV/220 Cables of Copper Conductor, single/three/four core, armored/unarmored with XLPE/PVC Insulation
· Flame Retardant, Low Smoke, Zero Halogen Cables with HRPVC and XLPE insulation
· Fire survival cables
· Control and Instrumentation Cables
· Multi-core Screened Cables
· Individual/overall shielded braided Signal Cables
· PVC Flexible Cords/Flat Twin/Circular Twin Cables
· Heat Resisting Flexibles
· Coaxial Cables: Radio Frequency Cables, Uniradio Cables, Super-screened Cables, Relay Cables for CATV, CCTV and MATV Systems, down leads for TV
· Data Transmission Cables, Foil Screened Cables
· Fiber Optic/Telephone Cables
· Transformers
The Division offers Transformers for various types and capacities covering
  • Pole Mounted Transformers up to 11kV class with ratings from 50kVA to 200kVA
  • Ground Mounted Distribution Transformers hermetically Sealed (Low Maintenance) type of 11kV/33kV class up to 5000kVA
  • Dry type Transformers, with Air insulation/cast resin type up to 33 kV class
  • Specialty Transformers
The Transformers offered are manufactured to ISO 9000 Quality Systems, meeting relevant IEC/BS standards.
· Diesel Generator Units
DG Sets from 50kVA to 2500 KVA with all standard accessories including AMF Panels
· SCADA /DCS Systems
SCADA and DCS Systems with custom specific configurations for various Power, Water and process applications are available. The systems can be configured and dovetailed to existing SCADA/DATALOGGER network.
· Cable Joints and Terminations
A wide range of cable joints and termination kits are available for cables. Both Indoor and Outdoor type cable joints and terminations for PVC, XLPE and Lead sheathed Paper Insulated Cables are covered in the range of products. The jointing and termination kits are complete with easy installation instructions and are available for 415V, 11kV, and 33kV range. The cable joints and terminations meet ISO 9000 certification requirements and have proven references in the Gulf.
· AC Motors and Drives
Complete ranges of motors catering to different applications are available. The range covers but not limited to the following:
  • Three phase asynchronous motors for 415V, 3.3kV, 6.6 kV and 11kV, wound or squirrel cage rotor, drip proof or totally enclosed, fan cooled type up to 4000kW capacity
  • Single phase asynchronous motors
  • Three phase asynchronous motors for hazardous atmosphere
  • Flame proof motors and increased safety motors
· AC/DC Power Supplies, Battery Chargers, Inverters and UPS Systems
The Division offers a wide range of AC and DC Power supplies, Battery Chargers, Rectifiers, Inverters and no-break power supplies meeting custom designed specifications. The broad range of product profile available cover:
  • Frequency Converters of 60Hz, 100Hz and 400Hz range for data processing and commercial applications
  • Rack mounted industrial UPS systems from 400VA to 10KVA capacity
  • Modular and sectional UPS systems of 5kVA to 150kVA with single phase outputs and 10kVA to 600kVA with three phase outputs
  • Commercial Computer room UPS
  • Telecom Class Modular Rectifier Units
  • Auxiliary Power Converters and inverters
  • Battery Chargers and Stabilized Power Supplies.
· Batteries
The ranges of batteries available are for stationary application. Both sealed lead Acid Valve regulated long life batteries as well as Nickel Cadmium batteries are offered. Light duty and heavy-duty batteries for industrial and telecom applications are available.
The Water Division is actively involved in promoting Water Treatment Chemicals for Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems such as
· Anti Scallants
· Cooling Tower Chemicals
· Organic Bio-Cido Chemicals
· Bio-dispensing Agents
· Reducing Agents, and such other Chemicals required in the Water Treatment System.
The Water Division offers Equipment and Systems concerning water purification, water treatment and effluent treatment.
In water treatment, it offers plant and equipment for desalination, ion exchange demineralization, clarification, filtration, chlorinating, chemical treatment, water pressurization and storage.
On the Waste Water Treatment side, the Group offers plant and equipment for sewage treatment and industrial effluent treatment. The former utilizing processes of activated sludge, rotating biological reactors and biological trickling media towers. For Industrial effluent treatment, the Group utilizes a large range of plant and equipment employing biological, chemical-physical, membrane separation and organic-oxidation processes. Additionally, the Group offers a range of chemicals used in the various processes as well as for the maintenance and chemical cleaning of plants, boilers, pipes, cooling towers, tanks and the like.
  • Demineralization and softening systems for the industry by reverse osmosis and ion-exchange columns
  • Fresh-water flocculation and clarification systems
  • Multi-media and silica sand filtration systems
  • Membrane-based micro and ultra filtration systems
  • Membrane-based Nano filtration systems
  • Chemical conditioning systems
  • Chlorinating, ozonation and UV disaffection systems
  • Aeration and degasification systems
  • Pumping Storage and pressurization systems
  • Packaged surface water (streams, lakes) treatment systems, offering Clarification, filtration and chemical conditioning.
  • Packaged brackish ground water and sea water treatment systems, offering Filtration, desalination and chemical conditioning.
  • Packaged industrial process water treatment systems, offering filtration, softening, Chemical conditioning, and demineralization by RO and/or ion exchange.
· Water Desalination
· Brackish and sea water desalination by Reverse Osmosis
· Seawater desalination by thermal MED and VC
· Sewage Treatment
  • Activated Sludge Systems utilizing mechanical surface or submerged aerators
  • Activated Sludge Systems utilizing blower generated diffused air
  • Aeration Systems utilize rotating biological contractors
  • Aeration Systems utilizing synthetic media trickling filter towers
  • Pumping and Commenting Systems
  • Screening and Grit Removal Systems
  • Mechanical Sludge Dewatering and Conveying Systems
  • Packaged Sewage Treatment Systems for smaller communities that have no access to sewerage systems, offering aeration, clarification, filtration and disaffection
· Industrial Effluent Treatment
  • Chemical reaction/clarification systems (inclined plate and tube settler clarifiers)
  • Dissolved and induced air flotation systems (DAF and IAF)
  • Membrane-based separation and concentration systems
  • Sequential batch reactor systems
  • Aerobic/Anaerobic (attached and non-attached growth) biological treatment systems
  • Oil skimming, filtration and micro filtration systems
  • Mechanical sludge dewatering screens belts, presses, centrifuges and vacuum filters
  • Industrial effluent treatment systems, offering chemical conditioning, oxidation, reduction, membrane/ion exchange resin separation, flotation, inclined-plate clarification/coalescing and sludge dewatering presses.
· Pre-engineered Systems and Components
In addition to custom-engineered systems, the Group supplies a series of package, skid mounted containerized and mobile water and wastewater treatment systems.


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