7th Doha Natural Gas Exhibition

Venture Gulf marches successfully into its 30th year of developing the Qatari business market


Abdullah Al-Nasr: "The Doha Natural Gas Expo has benefited us in the past with major business deals and precious regional and international acquaintances"


Venture Gulf Group is one of the leading comprehensive business houses in Qatar involved in energy, water networks, waste water & waste management systems, oil & gas, hydrocarbon industries, telecom, safety & security, construction & contracting, and manufacturing & services; thus catering to a wide spectrum of clientele in and outside Qatar. The Division provides the best possible support to the discerning and demanding customers meeting the stringent specifications by supplying quality products, systems and services both in power and water sectors.


Established in 1979, 30 years ago, Venture Gulf embodies the values of hardwork, ambition and service excellence from management down. The company is a sole proprietorship owned by Al-Nasr family, and its various divisions are managed by accomplished, highly qualified multinational personnel amounting to 2500 employees. Venture Gulf has, over the years, emerged into a group with business interests in diverse fields contributing to the development of the country. Today, strongly present at the 7th Doha Natural Gas Exhibition, Venture Gulf has consolidated its position in the market place and is a market leader in the fields in which it is active. Through its cooperation with international renowned companies, Venture Gulf is able to provide the latest technology in addition to constant training of national and international cadres in its prestigious internationally accredited training center in Qatar.


Mr. Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Nasr, Vice-Chairman  & Chief Operations Officer at Venture Gulf noted that the company with the numerous subdivisions is the product of ambition and hardwork of qualified and diverse staff which make up the precious human capital boasted by the company. Being leaders in all areas which they operate in, Venture Gulf according to Mr. Abdullah Al-Nasr has incrementally evolved to include a number of business interests in various areas which all contribute to the development of the country.


Today the series of accumulated successes and expertise gives Venture Gulf current and potential partners, the sense of confidence they need to establish their ambitions in the budding Qatari market. Relevant to the 7th Doha Natural Gas Exhibition, Venture Gulf's Oil & Gas Division is strongly present at the expo to ensure appropriate visibility of the company hoping according to Al-Nasr to forge new partnerships as has happened in previous editions of the event.


To illustrate the ultimate need for development as mandated by market forces, Abdullah Al-Nasr stated that the Oil & Gas Division of Venture Gulf established in 1994, was then limited to acquiring foreign agencies and representing them in Qatar. However over the years, Venture Gulf realized the opportunities existing in the sector and embarked on fully-fledged development and subsequently reached the stage of oil & gas industrialization in response to the needs and requirements of this development and the prosperity that we have reached and after we have received very positive welcome by the oil and gas companies operating in Qatar, and the unconditional support of His Excellency the Minister of Energy & Industry Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, we strategically opted for investment in human capabilities, modernization of equipment and assets, continued Abdullah Al-Nasr.


Al-Nasser further said that the development of company's scope of work came in the light of the market requirements to plant and operations management of offshore and onshore oil companies. In Al-Nasr's words, the financial crisis and low global economic situation have had a profound impact on various countries around the world however its impact on Qatar has remained limited which is a clear evidence of the wise policy pursued by the national leadership in the immunization of the economy by diversifying income sources and the promotion of all economic sectors of the industry from manufacture to trade, tourism and services, also preserving balance among them.

Therefore, the decline in oil and gas prices is an eventual corrective consequence of a drop in the prices of raw materials and low consumption globally as a result of the crisis, but Qatar remains the meeting point for international companies operating in the oil & gas and investment sectors demonstrating day after day the strength and the ability of Qatar to withstand and overcome the crisis.


Commentating on the importance of the participation of Venture Gulf in the Doha Natural Gas Exhibition, Al-Nasr expressed it is an opportunity to expose the identity of the company and its projects and achievements as one of the leading oil & gas companies in Qatar, as well as to provide a clear vision on the level of the company's developments added to the petroleum sector and the companies operating therein.

He added that the exhibition is a unique convention for companies to highlight their merits and qualifications to compete and stay in the forefront, the exhibition also opens up vast prospects for Qatari companies to international markets to attract the latest techniques and equipments in the field of energy and the conclusion of agreements to work in partnership both locally and globally.


Finally, Abdullah Al-Nasr drew attention to the wise State strategy in supporting local projects and investments through various legal and procedural incentives and concessions over foreign companies, which contributes largely to the development of the country and upholds the proper management of its resources. In this spirit, Venture Gulf feels it’s a duty to give back to the nation by working to develop and modernize its equipment to ensure premium quality increased production and cost reduction. It is worthy mentioning that the company possesses international licenses in the area of maintenance and manufacturing and contributes in training national cadres through courses attended by 1600 to 2000 people a year thus giving aptitude for all to take up work in the energy field.

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